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ABM Scale Company

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ABM Scale Company

Automated Filling Systems

We Have Experience with Moving and Filling Everything from Nuts, Candy, Seeds, Produce, Granular Material and More.

Fully Vibratory Systems

Do you require filling at a high level of accuracy but would rather avoid investing in the cost of a multi-headed combination scale?

Semi-Automatic Seed Filling System

The ABM Fully Vibratory Line line is the solution you require. These customized automatic and semi-automatic scales are designed to meet the specific filling needs you require.

Programmed with simple and easy to understand controls, even technology-challenged operators can be trained to interacts with the equipment efficiently.

Customization is easy with many options available including:

  • Photo Eyes for Integration into Existing Packing Lines
  • Level Sensors for Integration into Elevators and Feed Systems
  • Washdown Builds for Harsh Environments
  • Foot Peddles and Ready Lights for Semi Automatic Use

With the capacity to delivery grams to kilos, ounces to pounds, we can assist in finding the right system for your product.

Fully-Automatic Dual Lane Filling Systems

Combination Scales & Bagging Systems

Are you looking for an automated system which will fill, bag and seal quickly and efficiently?

With products less than 5lbs the fastest and most efficient way to weigh out and pack most product is a multi-head combination scale paired with a form fill automatic bagging system

Combination Scales utilize the most accurate and reliable weigh head design in the industry. Our Combination Scales are ideal for tree-nuts, pet products, IQF, pasta, confectionery, bakery, cheese, cereal, charcoal and many other products.

Combination Scales can obtain weighment speeds up to 120 weighments per minute and can be supplied with stepper or pneumatic bucket actuation, net-weighing or piece count capabilities.

Vertical Form/ Fill/Seal machines handles the broadest range of package sizes with quick, easy changeover and unmatched versatility. These systems are rugged and reliable, requiring little maintenance. Vertical Form/Fill/Seal machine can be fitted with a variety of options to meet specific packaging requirements and product needs..

High-Speed Combination Scale

Gravity and Vibratory Systems

Are you looking for the fastest way to filling your 20lb-55lb boxes and bags while maintaining the greatest accuracy possible?

Dual Lane In-Shell Walnut Bag Filling System

Then you are looking for a Gravity/Vibratory combination system. These automatic scales are designed to quickly discharge product via a gravity gate for quick fill cycles, but also include a vibratory pan to top off in the final few seconds. This allows for increased accuracy while maintaining a consistent fill speed. This machinery has seen great effectiveness in almond, rice and walnut industries to name a few.

As with Fully Vibratory Systems, these Gravity/Vibratory systems are programmed with simple and easy to understand controls, so even technology-challenged operators can be trained to interacts with the equipment efficiently.
Available in Single or Multiple lane versions, the right speed can be found for your budget.

To make integration easier, ABM Scale Company happily offers many options to assist in your upcoming project including:

  • Bag Sewing and Post-Fill Handling Conveyance
  • Pre-Fill Product Conveyance such as Bucket Elevators and Conveying Belts
  • Mild Steel Contacts for Lower Price Point and Stainless Steel for Food Grade Applications

Triple Lane Almond Box Filling System

Full System

By providing more than just single pieces of equipment, we can assist in designing and laying out the full line to your specific requirements. To that end we offer such additional equipment as:

  • Automatic Lidders
  • Checkweighers
  • Conveyers
  • De-Nesters
  • Product Elevators
  • Metal Detectors
  • Sewing Equipment
  • Support Structures and More

Layout for Single Lane Walnut Packing System with Sewing and Basic Palletizing